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About Us

We are a team of professionals who have developed a simple and straightforward way for busy people to buy and sell their car for an incredible price. We understand that many individuals who want to buy a car don't enjoy going from dealership to car yard weekend after weekend to secure a great deal. We've taken the hassle out of buying and selling a car, so all that's left is the excitement and a 5-star service. You can get cash quickly or your new set of wheels is delivered directly to you.

automotiveWe have over 40 years experience in the motor vehicle industry. We use our experience, expert knowledge and industry contacts to ensure you’ll always get the best price on your new car. We also take care of the entire purchasing process for you. We can organise your trade-in as well as taking care of your finance in-house.

If you don’t have time to waste and want to sell your car now, Carbiz can help. At Carbiz we offer you cash for your vehicle or sell it for you. With our quick and easy evaluation and inspection process, you can be sure you’ll receive a fair price for your car, without having the hassle and stress of negotiating with potential buyers.


  • Get your car serviced through us.
  • Let us organise your finance for you
  • The best price for the car you want
  • Need a test drive?
  • We put the tender out for your business
  • We offer you cash or sell the vehicle it on your behalf.
  • A simple, efficient and safe way to sell your vehicle.
  • No hassle, no stress.
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