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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of professionals who have developed a simple and straightforward way for busy people to buy and sell their car for an incredible price. We understand that many individuals who want to buy a car don't enjoy going from dealership to car yard weekend after weekend to secure a great deal. We've taken the hassle out of buying and selling a car, so all that's left is the excitement and a 5-star service. You can get cash quickly or your new set of wheels is delivered directly to you.

We have over 40 years experience in the motor vehicle industry. We use our experience, expert knowledge and industry contacts to ensure you’ll always get the best price on your new car. We also take care of the entire purchasing process for you. We can organise your trade-in as well as taking care of your finance in-house.

Our streamlined process starts with finding out what it is you’re looking for, and then putting that out to tender with our extensive, nationwide network. We then provide you with a minimum of 3 independent evaluations and even assist with the trade in for your current vehicle. If you’re in need of finance, our in-house finance division can take care of everything for you. We’ll pick up and deliver your new car to you complete with premium floor mats and a full tank of petrol.

Every step of the way we inform you with a breakdown of any fees or charges. You’ll be able to view the exact tender prices which get submitted through our online portal, and there are no nasty surprises added on top.

When we put out a tender, our network of dealers understand that our clients are serious, and therefore they offer genuine, competitive prices to bid for your business. We are also upfront with our fees, so the result is an incredible price on your new car.

Sorry, our car brokering service centres around new or ex-demo vehicles only at this time.

If you don’t have time to waste and want to sell your car now, Carbiz can help. At Carbiz we offer you cash for your vehicle or sell it for you. With our quick and easy evaluation and inspection process, you can be sure you’ll receive a fair price for your car, without having the hassle and stress of negotiating with potential buyers.

The first step is a fast, online form so we can give you a rough estimate of the current market value of your car. We base these figures on the data you provide us. The next step is an on-site inspection by one of our friendly team members. They will look over your vehicle and take it for a short test drive before deciding on the final offer price. If you accept, we can pay you on the spot for your car, or sell it on your behalf. It’s that easy!

We use current industry sales data combined with the information you provide us with to determine the current market value of your vehicle.

The final offering price for your vehicle takes into account many factors including the online estimate, the onsite inspection and test drive as well as any other additional features, add-ons or damages to the car.

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